President and Owner, Kevin Ackerman, has been in the construction industry for over three and half decades. In that time he has developed the ability to supervise and train his staff to implement his philosophies and vision, which separates Accurate Construction Corp apart from its competitors. Teamwork is our foundation at Accurate Construction. We firmly believe a successful project begins with building strong positive relationships with our owners/clients, architects, engineers and subcontractors. These positive relationships lead to a strong alliance which allows everyone to be successful and most importantly the owners vision coming into fruition.

 Accurate Construction is based out of Clearwater, FL and firmly believes in building strong ties within the community. Kevin Ackerman has served as an Academic Advisor with the Dunedin High School Construction Technology Magnet Program since its inception. Kevin and Vice President, Kenneth Ackerman, Kevin’s son, have served as instructors with Junior Achievement and participate in the Great American Teach-In. Accurate Construction is a “Champion” sponsor for the Clearwater High School football program and a large contributor to the efforts of developing these young men into successful adults.

Team Members

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